The thermal baths

The island of Ischia is famous worldwide for its natural beauty and for the healing powers of its thermal waters.

 The thermal springs of Ischia were known and used for their beneficial effects, since the days of the early Greek settlers, who landed on the island, in the eighth century BC

 The historian Strabone in his “Geographical”, describes the healing properties of the waters of the island of Ischia, Plinio in his “Naturalis Historia” defines mineral waters “aquae medicinales”, enhances the healing properties of the waters of Ischia classifying on the basis organoleptic properties (smell, taste and color).

The Terme Rita “F.Monti” are an integral part of this ancient spa tradition island and are fed by the waters bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium source “La Rita” with temperatures exceeding 60 ° C.

 The source “The Rita” flows in a small valley called “Cava LA Rita” at the foot of Mount Epomeo, in the town of Casamicciola Terme (NA).

Several historical authors (G.Iasolino (1588), De Siano (1801) and others) in their works on the thermal waters of the Island call the source as the “source of the Rete” or “Fons Retis “. The name actually comes from clay for the loss, in time, in the local dialect, the initial consonant of the link creta> reta> rita and therefore today Terme Rita.

Probably the place names of the past was linked to the ancient and famous mud (clay) that were deposited in the valley area near the well-springs spa: W. Bergsoe, friend of E.Ibsen, in 1867 on the advice of his doctor of Copenhagen came to Casamicciola and reports in his book “Henrik Ibsen in Ischia” the testimony of the use of thermal mud in the factory La Rita and complete healing of his bad arm.

 There are many historical references to the source, “La Rita” taken from prestigious texts of distinguished doctors and scholars of the past since 1500. Among the many cite G.Iasolino (1588), V.Marone (1847) and V.Morgera (1890) .

From “De natural remedies that are known today as the island of Ischia Pithecusa (G.Iasolino, 1588):” … .Water clear, hot and sweet, and they drink that everyone Casamicciola and yet from Lacco …… .I lodaria the use of this to those people who for hettica or other affection they need pools of freshwater natural, since these have the warmth of nature, and not the artifice, which was neither granted nor is it in the world: “

From “brief report of the Island and the mineral water, thermal sands and vapor stoves ……” (Venancio Marone, 1847): “The water of Rita is well suited to solve the numb limbs, for ankylosis and other joint stiffness, for lumbago ….. “.

From “The spa island of Ischia” (V.Morgera, 1890): “The water of “La Rita”, among many therapeutic virtues also that of facilitating expectoration in diseases catarrhal broncho-pulmonary, both acute and chronic . Use outside Neptune skin, fat and tallow saponificano skin, promote the separation of the old cells epidermoid “.

Le Terme Rita are famous for medical mud fact scholar P.Buchner, based on the comparison of the thermal history texts, in his book Guest Ischia (1968), states that Terme Rita were the first factory Ischia where were practiced the care of the mud from before 1800.

V. Morgera in his work “The spa island of Ischia” (1890) about the medical use of sludge Rita writes: “The numerous and surprising favorable results in serious illness and rebels in all pharmaceutical care , thanks to the application of sludge Rita invogliarono of the most distinguished physicians and surgeons Neapolitans to prove the virtues and test its effectiveness in various and serious disease and the wonderful effects obtained in many years in a row, exceeded their expectations. Now is the conviction of hydrotherapists and the public of all civilized nations, that sludge of Rita Youths in chronic synovitis, in idrarti, in artritidi dry deforming, fractures, dislocations in, in diseases of chronic skin …… “

In 1912 for the International Exhibition of Paris, the waters and mud of the Ancient Terme Rita F.Monti were awarded a gold medal for the high therapeutic.


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